Customer Complaint Management at Alexander, Miller & Associates

The role of Alexander, Miller & Associates in resolving the customer complaints is performed by its entire team to give best of benefits to the clients. Many creditor companies from the logistics sector, restaurant supplies, manufacturing supplies, wholesale businesses and construction supplies have benefited from the customer centric approach of the agency. The team members take maximum care to avoid any circumstances leading to customer complaints. However being a volatile sector, the debt collection business does have its share of deficits when it comes to dealing with debtors.


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The response time of debtors to the demand letters sent by Alexander, Miller & Associates is a variable factor. In some instances it may exceed the expectations of the clients. It is natural for them to get agitated when the proceedings are not happening according their expectations. Being a firm follower of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDPCA), the agency is bound to work under certain restrictions with the follow up procedures. Situations like this might lead to complaints from clients. The way in which the agency resolves them is the parameter which decides its efficiency.

  • The Law: – Conformance to the Section-806 of FDCA prevents Alexander, Miller & Associates from sending any notifications of legal actions against the defaulting debtors. But the situation demands proactive action to be taken in the letter. In such circumstances the experts at the agency use their experience and skill to formulate the demand letter, so the debtor voluntarily responds to it. Once the chain of correspondences gets initiated, the experts carry it forward to a stage of negotiations. All the procedures followed by the agency conform to the laws in principle and practice.
  • Debtor Assets: – There could be many situations in which the debtor has sufficient assets to settle the outstanding payments. But he might be unwilling to sell them for making the settlements. Since he has no other resource, the creditor might want the agency to implement the asset recovery. But the law may prevent any direct access to the assets. In such instances the probability of customer complaint against the agency is high. Alexander, Miller & Associates uses its trusted resources to convince the debtor as a security for the debts till the time he has cleared it completely. In some instances the agency also suggests the debtor to give a third party guarantee in exchange of forbearance for the recovery. In such cases the financial stability of the forbearer will be considered while accepting that guarantee. Hence the agency conducts another set of investigations to probe and establish it beyond any doubts. This kind of approach helps in resolving the customer complaints and to abide by the FDCPA also.

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  • Debtor Communications: – One of the constant reasons for complaints from creditors could be insufficient reminders to the debtors from the collection agency. Here also the agency has to consider the clauses of FDCPA while sending reminders and making calls to the debtors. At Alexander, Miller & Associates the experts have found some unique solutions to this problem, which make every communication effective and keeps them within the boundaries of FDCPA.