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UK Direct Shop is the best online portal you can find for all the health and home care products you can think of. Our vast collections of products start with the books of healing. We bring you the latest collection of preventive & care books for arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis and other disorders. Our magnetic jewelllery products are designed to heal the illness problems and restore good health. We also specialize in foot care, home and garden care and the most innovative beauty care methods. Our vast range of gift products designed for men, women, children and even your pets.

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  • Healing Solutions: – At UK Direct Shop we have the experience in the healing process related to physical and psychological aspects. Our experts research consistently in the field of orthopedic, skin, slimming and wholesome internal disorders.
  • Health Solutions: – Our goal is to help you in attaining and sustaining wholesome health in all the aspects. We have acquired the comprehensive skills in the fields of beauty care, magnetic treatments and therapy. We bring you the most personalized solutions with our expertise.
  • Fitness Solutions: – Our experience in the field of health care takes you one step at a time from the process of healing and health into complete physical and psychological fitness. By the time we bring you to this stage, our products would have eliminated/reduced the intensity of illness and restored considerable levels of health. Here we offer you the best solutions to sustain and improve your fitness levels from head to toe.
  • Home & Garden: –  At UK Direct Shop we bring you the top rated solutions for home and garden care, hygiene and environment care and the tips for training your pet. The entire range of solutions we provide completely covers you, your family and your home needs.

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  • Healing Products: – Healing your mind and body from physical ailments could be achieved through treatment and therapy. Our healing books contain volumes of DIY methods and details of medicines. They help you find the simplest way to healing of pain, illness and poor health conditions. The range of magnetic jewelllery help you heal from orthopedic and medical illness conditions with the best alternative practices. WE bring you the entire range of bracelets and bangles used by expert therapists.
  • Health care Products: – By protecting your feet from damages you can solve most of the physical illness problems. Our vast ranges of products help you in solving all your health care issues comprehensively.
  • Fitness and Beauty care: –  Our products related to slimming and skin care give you complete solutions in this aspect.

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