What Are The Best Eelectric Bass Guitars?

You can find many Electric Guitars and a countless number of articles about how amazing electric guitars are, which ones are the best of the year or even those that are on a budget.

Sure those questions and articles can be important, but it surely can get repetitive at times, and the probability of find something of the same calibre written for electric bass guitars is close to none. Bass guitars is an important factor when it comes to instruments even though it is one of the most underrated instruments, they help with the rhythm and beat.

It’s hard to find something that just shows what the general best is, for professionals, for beginners, and anything in between for those who are on a strict budget.

Finding the right guitar for you is very important as it has to feel just right in your hands, even before you begin to play your first song in it, you need to feel a certain level of comfort with it. Know more about Bass Guitars for sale in Dubai, Saudia Arab, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

That is why this article is here, to help those who are look for that one guitar for you, all the special features that they have, but we won’t be going through the most basic ones that can be found just anywhere, let’s look at those that catch our eyes and analyse their specifications.


Depending on what style you like, the ESP LTD F-104 is perfect for those who are searching for a guitar that looks like a rockstar would use, with its thunderous sound, chrome hardware and a body with sharp edges (they look like they may cut you).

The best part about the guitar is the feeling once you get it in your hands, it is super lightweight compared to how it looks, it has a solid body and very well balanced that makes the playability much easier and faster.

Playing different styles or genres, from metal, rock and so on the ESP LTD F-104 can handle anything.

PRS SE Kingfisher

Finding a PRS guitar isn’t very common to see on these bass lists, but to me they have always stood out, and gave me what I’ve been looking for. You really feel the PRS quality to it once holding and playing it, just like any other PRS guitar can guarantee.

Having great balance and a bright tone to them all thanks to its ash body, enhancing all of its special features.

The neck material is maple and walnut, in which once combined it brings out the bass guitars tonal balance, with its neck-through design accessing the entire fingerboard can be done faster with no setbacks.

To some it feels like a heavyweight guitar and to others not so much, but it all really depends on your preferences on whether the weight bothers you.

Looking at both these bass guitars, they would surely not be found in many articles and deserve to have a little limelight on them as well. But in the end of the day it always depends on your specific preferences on a guitar whether or not you are a loyal customer or not.

How To Shop For Quality Cables Online

Now cable is a vast word, you cannot just go to a store and say, ‘I need cable’, what you need to know first is what particular cable do you need. Cables range as per the requirements, they maybe audio cables, speaker cables, multicore cables, RF antenna, Amicore to name a few.

Cables Online

The same is with online, if you search for the word ‘cable’ you might end up with more options that you can review, the secret is to know your cables and the requirement. The best website to shop for online cables is wwwcabletechmea.com as they have everything from audio cables, video cables, data cables, fiber cables, power cables and many more.

Cabletech Mea is a very humble and user friendly website, they have the complete range of cables in their website with images and description about every cable. They also provide 24/7 chat and service so all your questions and concerns are answered on spot. Being based in the heart of UAE, Dubai they have the best customer service team as well. Another plus point about Cabletech Mea is their ability to custom make cables in the shortest span on time as it is done in house without outsourcing. They are without question, the go to cable providers for anyone in the GCC.

How much to pay for a cable

So once you have decided what cable you need, the next question to answer is how much should I spend on this cable. We will take example of speaker cable here to give you an idea. Speaker cables were simple earlier when it was just a simple zip cord that would connect to your speaker and then to your amplifier.

But now with the new generation of audiophiles, the importance of answering the question how much to spend on cables is becoming important. The most valid answer to that question is that you need to spend as much as you need to for cables which implies that it solely depends on your usage and requirement for the cable. Know more about how to Buy High Quality Speaker Cable online in Dubai, Sharja.

Distance to cover

It is important to factor in the distance for instance if you have small distances then you can get the cost per foot, if you need extra roll out cables that you need to cost it in bulk so it really depends on what your usage is and is frequency is a hurdle because cable has a role to play in that also.

Thickness of the wires

Cables come in difference sizes of wires, some are thick cables and the others maybe thinner in comparison. You will need to know a little more about gauge; however, it is safe to say that thicker wires allows one to longer run without rolling off the high frequencies.

Final thoughts

So, what I have been trying to convey is that cables depends on a lot of factors few of which are the aesthetics of the room, the requirements, the budget, the usage, the technical specs; nevertheless, it is not difficult to shop for cables once you know the answers to these questions. Just knowing what the cable is for is the best start. Good Luck!

radon removal

How to keep yourself from getting lung cancer

radon removal

Radon has become a serious matter, which cause a lot of deaths a year for breathing in this gas bestows you with lung cancer. The people who smoke have 94% more chance of getting lung cancer by breathing in radon. So, if you smoke, you better watch your back. Because even if the radon level is less than 0.4cPi/L, 3 out of 1000 smokers can still get lung cancer. Which is alarming. First step towards keeping you from cancer is to quit smoking. Followed step is important for radon removal.

  • Test your home for radon

Radon is almost everywhere. The levels may vary so does the health risk. Radon levels between 2-4cPi/L are still dangerous, and you need to get a radon removal system installed. You need to reduce them to lower than 1. If the radon levels are below 1 plus you don’t smoke, you’re safe. But still, you better watch out before it increases. So, get a system installed from keeping radon out of your home.

  • Hire a contractor

After you’ve tested your home using toolkits, next step is to hire a radon mitigation contractor. Always choose your contractor wisely. Don’t go for the one who doesn’t provide you with the samples of his previous work and references. A contractor should know what is done. Professionally honest people guarantee their work and provide a warranty in case the system fails.

Choosing an appropriate method

There are a lot of different radon removal methods being used based on the intensity of radon level and the structure of your home. Some of them are as below.

Sub-slab system

There is a suction method for the houses with concrete basement foundation. Radon sometimes sneaks in to your house from cracks in the slab. So, the professionals put PVC vent pipes under the sub-slab. Number of pipes and the location of pipes depends upon the source of Radon in the soil. Afterwards, these pipes are joined together with the vent fans who suck the radon and eject it in the outdoor -environment. The cracks in the sub-slab are sealed to keep the gas from seeping in. For newly constructed houses or the houses that are being constructed, a natural pressure system is installed between the walls of the house. It is less effective and can’t lower the level of has that much.

Ventilation system

For the homes with crawlspace, ventilation system is installed in the crawlspace to lower the radon level. It can be done by using vent fans or opening and installation of additional vents. It can dilute the radon underneath your home. It basically reduces the suction of your house on the soil underneath that is making radon for you.

Submembrane system is installing a thick plastic sheet on the floor and using fans to draw the gas from under the sheet and send it to outdoors. It is the most effective method for crawlspace homes.

Other systems

Other systems are block wall, drain tile, sump hole, and pressurization.

Anti Drone Shield

Some Best Ideas For The Anti Drone Shield

Anti Drone Shield

Retorting to the fast rise of UAVs, a veer of startups, defense agencies and universities are preparing technology to deter, detect, or wipe out the remote-controlled, tiny, soaring objects. Already, unwelcome UAVs have found their way into a few of the most responsive parts in the world, comprising the lands of the White House. There’re also an increasing number of events of airplane pilots reporting watching UAVs too close for placate.

The FAA; Federal Aviation Administration has been sluggish to pass new rules leading UAVs, but while there’re a few rules in position, there is extremely little present technology to cope with UAVs that go where they must not. Here are a few of the best ideas for Anti Drone Shield so far.

UAV Catching UAVs:

Law enforcement in Japan by now has an anti-UAV squad, Popular Science accounted, and their UAV-preventing weapon of selection is actually another UAV. The law enforcement-operated UAV flies above its target having a framed net, knotting up the flying UAV and carrying it to security. This method has a meticulous benefit: it permits law enforcement to retrieve the UAV if it is carrying a hazardous substance or object.

A UAV landed on the top of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe’s house having a vial of radioactive sand from close to the location of the Fukushima nuclear debacle, forming the require to move a intruding UAV to a safe site apparent. The UAV’s pilot declared the act was an objection of the Japanese government’s resolution to reactivate its nuclear power stations after the happening. After turning himself in to law enforcement, the guy was sentenced to 2 years imprisoned.

Anti Drone Shield

Airplane maker Airbus is developing a technology which can spot, jam, or even take charge of a UAV automatically.  The tech is imposing; the projected system can detect and jam signal bands utilized by a UAV. It can also take over utilizing GPS remote control or spoofing classification, making it the actual life equal of the tractor beam that is the well-known sci-fi technology.

Dutch Law Enforcement Are Training Hawks To Capture UAVs:

Not concerned with reinventing the wheel, the Dutch law enforcement is depending on an all-natural way: birds of prey. They are training a choice of eagle and hawk species to seize and capture UAVs in in-flight. Why an assortment? Law enforcement has yet to decide which kind of raptor is best at the work, but initial results are actually hopeful.

The Net Gun:

A net gun or the net bazooka; really?  The British firm the Openworks Engineering has developed the Skywall 100, which can shoot a bullet holding a net intended to knock a UAV out of the sky.

Joining The Net Gun And The Law Enforcement UAV:

A lecturer at the Michigan Tech is developing a UAV that utilizes a net launcher to capture other UAVs out of in-flight. You can use that as the Anti Drone Shield as it can also be a great way to keep those drones away from your property that are infringing your privacy.