What Are The Best Eelectric Bass Guitars?

You can find many Electric Guitars and a countless number of articles about how amazing electric guitars are, which ones are the best of the year or even those that are on a budget.

Sure those questions and articles can be important, but it surely can get repetitive at times, and the probability of find something of the same calibre written for electric bass guitars is close to none. Bass guitars is an important factor when it comes to instruments even though it is one of the most underrated instruments, they help with the rhythm and beat.

It’s hard to find something that just shows what the general best is, for professionals, for beginners, and anything in between for those who are on a strict budget.

Finding the right guitar for you is very important as it has to feel just right in your hands, even before you begin to play your first song in it, you need to feel a certain level of comfort with it. Know more about Bass Guitars for sale in Dubai, Saudia Arab, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

That is why this article is here, to help those who are look for that one guitar for you, all the special features that they have, but we won’t be going through the most basic ones that can be found just anywhere, let’s look at those that catch our eyes and analyse their specifications.


Depending on what style you like, the ESP LTD F-104 is perfect for those who are searching for a guitar that looks like a rockstar would use, with its thunderous sound, chrome hardware and a body with sharp edges (they look like they may cut you).

The best part about the guitar is the feeling once you get it in your hands, it is super lightweight compared to how it looks, it has a solid body and very well balanced that makes the playability much easier and faster.

Playing different styles or genres, from metal, rock and so on the ESP LTD F-104 can handle anything.

PRS SE Kingfisher

Finding a PRS guitar isn’t very common to see on these bass lists, but to me they have always stood out, and gave me what I’ve been looking for. You really feel the PRS quality to it once holding and playing it, just like any other PRS guitar can guarantee.

Having great balance and a bright tone to them all thanks to its ash body, enhancing all of its special features.

The neck material is maple and walnut, in which once combined it brings out the bass guitars tonal balance, with its neck-through design accessing the entire fingerboard can be done faster with no setbacks.

To some it feels like a heavyweight guitar and to others not so much, but it all really depends on your preferences on whether the weight bothers you.

Looking at both these bass guitars, they would surely not be found in many articles and deserve to have a little limelight on them as well. But in the end of the day it always depends on your specific preferences on a guitar whether or not you are a loyal customer or not.