Pick-up requirements for car rental services

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Car rental services are the companies that provide you with the facility of using their cars on rent and other vehicles against the payment of a rent. In fact, the rent is a fixed amount of money that is agreed upon by the customer who is booking the car and the company representative of the service provider. Along with the rent for the car the customer is also supposed to deposit a fixed amount as a guarantee for the security of the vehicle. However this amount is refunded to the customer when he returns the car. Some other charges may also include the insurance charges, local taxes and the amount for the fuel refill. There are a lot of cheap rent a car Dubai services that provide these services. You also have the option to select which vehicle you want and the price package as well. There are different packages that are offered depending upon the type and the model of the vehicle, whether a driver was hired with the car or not and the number of days for which the car had been booked.

Most of the cheap rent a car Dubai service providers and companies also provide the facility of booking the car in advance. In this case the procedure is completed online and the car is available to pick you up from the location of your arrival. In case of booking the car in advance through the online procedure, there are a few things and documents that you will be required to provide to pick up the car.

  • Firstly, if you have not hired a driver and wish to drive the car yourself then you will have to show your official and original driving license at the pick-up point. The minimum age for a driver to rent a car from a cheap rent a car Dubai is 21 years. The driving license should be at least a year older i.e. fresh driving licenses or the licenses which issued under a year, will not be acceptable.
  • Secondly, youmust provide an acceptable mode of payment. The credit card that the driver is presenting at the pick-up point must be in his name. Master cards and visa cards are acceptable and can be used to make the payment. Pre-paid, virtual and recharge credit cards are not acceptable. You can also visit the website of the service provider to read their terms and conditions and find out more about the modes of payment that the company accepts.
  • Thirdly,the company representative may also ask for any document of identification such as your passport or identity card so make sure you keep them with you when you go to pick up your rented car. Lastly, the company will also require either a printout of the rental voucher or an e-rental voucher before handing over the car to you. This refers to the voucher that is released after your vehicle has been booked successfully. Failure to provide this voucher will lead to the cancellation of the car’s booking.